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The range of native plants

  • Who needs potentially invasive exotic plants when we have such a diverse range of native plants to choose from.
  • What you see available in my online nursery is a mere selection of what is available.
  • If a particular species that you are after is not available then please email me and make a specific request and I will see if can get hold of it for you.

How do I place an order?

  • My online nursery uses my own custom shopping cart system similar to those use in online stores across the internet.
  • Simply add items to you shopping cart and, when you are done, open your shopping cart.
  • Simply follow the instructions to place your order.
  • I will then receive this via email and will then proceed to ensure that all your selected species are avalable.
  • I will then email you an invoice with all those species that are available.

Payment of invoices

  • My preferred payment method is a direct bank deposit.
  • However I will also accept manual Paypal payments - use as the recipient and make sure that you include the invoice
    number and your full name.

Overseas customers

If you are wishing to purchase my plants for an overseas destination then I am afraid I cannot help you for the following reasons:

  1. There are biosecurity and quarantine issues in exporting living biological materials from Australia and I am not equipped or prepared to deal with the complicated
    and time consuming process of obtaining an Australian export permit and foreign import permit.
  2. Nor am I prepared to circumvent biosecurity and quarantine laws of Australia or other countries.
  3. Plants are dispatched by regular Australian post and this works perfectly well for destinations within Australia. However plants are very unlikely to arrive in an
    acceptable condition at destinations in other countries after a protracted journey overseas and through the destination country.
  4. There is also a real risk of some Australian native plants becoming environmental weeds in other countries, and I am not prepared to hypocritically fight against
    exotic environmental weeds in Australia while contributing to distributing Australian environmental weeds overseas.

Postage Costs

  • Postage is calculated on box volume rather than absolute weight and the cost increases in fairly large jumps of box volume rather than smoothly.
  • Within metropolitan Melbourne postage will around $10 for any where between 1 and 50 tubes while for rural Victoria it will be around $15.
  • For other states, the situation is similar through the cost obviously higher due to the greater distance.
  • I use pre-loved boxes and those that can contain 4-6 14cm pots are most readily available.
  • So it is best not to order odd numbers of 14cm pots as you will likely be paying me to post you an empty space in the box.
  • Some where around 12 tubes or so generally fit well in the spaces between the 14cm pots.

Will my plants survive?

  • Tubes and pots are taped together in blocks and these are safely wedged at the bottom of the box, so the boxes can be turned upside down with no damage
    to the plants.
  • The soil is taped into the tubes and padded into the 14cm pots so there will be little or no loss of soil.
  • The plants survive quite happily during the 1-4 day trip through the mail.

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