7 Practical Bathroom Ideas

There are many rooms in your living space and you have to give equal attention to each so it can last for many years. The bathroom plays a key role in any living space. It is a place of privacy and you can’t live fully without it. On top of that, it where you start and finish each day. However, many homeowners tend to overlook the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and you want to give it a lift, here are some practical bathroom ideas you can consider on your next home improvement project.

Use Bold Wallpapers

The bathroom sets the tone for the rest of your living space. Therefore, try to give it a boost as much as possible. Hang an art, use bold wallpapers and bathroom scents. Go for bold wallpapers if your bathroom can’t be roomy. Such a thing can help divert the attention of people from the size.

Shop for Bathroom Essentials

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you need to shop for bathroom essentials, such as bath towels, hand towels, extra toilet paper, non-skid bath mat and soap holder for shower. Remember, your bathroom is where you refresh yourself the moment you wake up in the morning and where you relax before you sleep at night. So, make sure you that your bathroom essentials are always available.

Install Bathroom Tiles

Choosing tiles for your bathroom is not easy peasy. With many different colours, shapes and textures to choose from, you will feel quite overwhelmed with the choices in front of you. A few years ago, bathroom tiles were laid down because they were low maintenance and have resistance to water. But now, they are installed to add aesthetic value. A new bathroom tile is relatively affordable and you can DIY if you want to.

Apply a New Layer of Paint

One of the best ways to perk up a small bathroom is by adding a new layer of paint. Use bright colours that can spice things up a little bit. But before you do, there are a few considerations you have to keep in mind, such as the flooring, lighting and the overall theme of your bathroom. If bold colours are not your thing, go for warm grey or white.

Let in the Natural Light

Natural light from the sun can do wonders for your health and well-being. So, let in the natural light by installing a window in your bathroom. Doing so will let fresh air to come in, too.

Add Statement Pieces

Add statement pieces that can impress not only and your family, but your guests, too. It can be a basket, indoor plant, or unique rug. Decorating your bathroom can be a little tricky, but you can pull it off, for sure.


Plan your shelving in the bathroom carefully. If you have a small bathroom, a floating shelf is the best way to go, as it will keep your bathroom clean and organized.

The bathroom is a good place to loosen up so make it as comfortable and attractive as possible.

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