Advantages of The Loose Lay Floor Style

When you redecorate your home, one of the major decisions that you need to do is to choose the type of flooring. You have to take time before you make the choice, much more if what you are considering is something permanent.

If you do not do your research beforehand, you might feel overwhelmed when you started talking to contractors who would do your floors for you since they would be asking you all sort of questions such as what material? Do you like wood, or stone? Do you prefer vinyl or laminate? What is the underlayment you require?

Once you have narrowed down your choice, it would be easier for you to decide on everything else. But, if in case you have not, why not try loose lay? One of the most innovative products in the market. Read below to find out the benefits you would soon experience when you choose this style of flooring.

Easy to install and uninstall

Some homeowners would not prefer something permanent, if and when they changed their mind, they could just revert to their previous flooring, or try something new. One of the main reasons why loose lay flooring is preferred is because they are easy to install and uninstall.

If you want to change the design of your floors, you could just have the planks removed. You don’t need to worry about the planks leaving any residue that would destroy or damage your floor. You could also ensure that the planks would still be in good condition to be re-used.

Sturdy and durable

The planks are durable and most manufacturers could guarantee that the planks last up to 15 years. Of course, as a homeowner you have to do your part to make sure that the planks endure that long. You have to properly care and maintain for it. Clean them with the proper agents and if you are advised to not use any harsh chemicals, you must adhere to these instructions. If there are polishes or waxes available that would provide another layer of protection and would keep the planks covered from any nicks and scratches.


Homeowners would be happy to hear that this style of flooring is not expensive in spite of the numerous advantages. The price of the materials ranges from $3 to $8 per square foot. You could even install them on your own since they are easy to fix. You would not need to spend any money on manpower and labour. After purchasing and installing them, you’d be surprised to find how affordable they are but they look pricey. You’d have an expensive looking flooring without the hefty price tag.


Since the planks are sturdy and durable, it is also nice to know that they are unvarying when it comes to size. Some type of flooring change in size because of the humidity. They either expand or shrink which would be noticeable and affect the whole look of your floor.

In conclusion, this type of flooring is something worth your time and money and you should seriously consider having it installed in your home.

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