Basic Guide to Re-Roofing Process

Re-roofing refers to the replacement of an existing roof with a new roofing system. This can be done when you are experiencing roof leaks and there is a lot of wear and tear in your current roof that cannot be repaired without incurring a high cost. When a roof is past its lifetime, it is best to replace it to protect its integrity and ensure your home is protected from the elements continuously.

You can contact Empire Roof Tiling for re-roofing services and ask them about their previous work. Once you contact a roofing company, they will send an experienced team to your home so that the roof can be assessed. They will check for damage such as sagging areas in the roof or cracked or missing shingles. They will also check the surrounding structure to see if there are any water stains on the walls or ceilings. They will ask you about the age of the roof.

Depending on the maintenance carried out and the craftsmanship in constructing the roof, a roof can last for about 20 to 30 years. And if your roof has extended its lifespan already and shows significant damage, you may need to re-roof it. It is very important that you select the right roofing material for the project. When choosing roofing material, there are several factors to be considered such as durability of the materials, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Some of the common materials

Yyou will come across for roofing are metal sheets, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shingles and concrete tiles. There are pros and cons to each material so you need to consider the expertise of a re-roofing service when selecting the right option. The climate in your location will factor heavily into this choice. Depending on your local area regulations, you may need a permit for the re-roofing project.

This is because the local building department needs to ensure that the roofs are constructed complying with building codes and safety regulations. If you don’t obtain the permits, there can be many legal complications. This is also a stage where your re-roofing service provider can help you. When you select a company in your local area for this, they will already be aware of the legalities required and will take care of the responsibility on your behalf.

The old roofing materials will need to be removed

And this gives the re-roofing team an opportunity to check whether there is any damage to be repaired in the roof deck. Removing the roofing materials ensures that you have a clean and stable surface to build your new roof. After removal, there should be a thorough inspection of the roof deck and in this stage, there can be repairs and reinforcement done.

Once the roof deck is declared to be in good condition, the underlayment and ventilation components will come next. After the preparatory work is done, the chosen roofing material can be installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Proper flashing should be installed to ensure any openings are sealed against the elements. Then the work area can be cleaned disposing of any debris so that a final inspection can be done.