Different Types of Locks on The Market

In the modern day, locks have transformed and diversified so much that many of them are quite hard to even call locks. Today, you can find a simple slide lock to a more technology advanced electronic lock.

Some of them have facial detection and some of them have fingerprint analysis, it has become so advanced. However, it is still the traditional locks that are predominantly used, since maintenance is much cheaper and there is less to go wrong in these types of locks. Here are 4 of them.

Cam Locks

These types of locks are one-sided locks that are often used for cabinets and furniture, as opposed to traditional doors. Cam locks are often quite undetectable on certain furniture since they are quite small, however, they are great at securing what is inside the cabinet.

If you wanted to keep something sensitive in the cabinet or furniture, these locks are ideal. There are various types of cam locks as well, ranging from the degree of security the user desires. Therefore, not all cam locks are of the same quality or design.

Knob Locks

This is easily one of the more common locks used around the world, due to its simplicity. These locks often come with just one cylinder and is often locked from the outside. These, however, have one major drawback in that they are easily breakable.

If anyone wanted to force themselves through a door that had a knob lock, they can easily do by using a hammer to break the lock and gain entry. As a result, it does not entirely secure the compound that it is supposed to secure. It is still used though, as it gives some sort of security.

Deadbolt Locks

This is one of the more secure mechanical locks out there for a door, since the components used are more robust and difficult to break. They do not use any spring, so even if they are hammered or dismantled, it will difficult to break in.

Compared to the knob lock, a knife or a lock pick cannot be used to open the lock. Moreover, this type of lock also has several types of sub-categories it falls into. These too range from the degree of security it gives. Regardless, it is one of the safer options out there to anyone who wants a strong security lock.

Slide Locks

This is one of the more basic locks that really do not have much security. A sliding door lock is more about keeping it closed as opposed to securing whatever is behind the door. These also can be used for cabinets and windows as well, depending on the user’s preferences. Regardless, the sliding lock is a very useful component for the household, as it still gives a sense of safety.

There are several other traditional locks out there, however, these are the most common ones that are used in several households today. With so many of locks on offer, you are guaranteed a safer house as well.

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