Features That Every Modern Kitchen Needs

Contemporary architecture and interior design are now the style that most of us prefer. The sleek, clean lines and neutral colours add a sense of urban charm to any space. This is no different when it comes to the kitchen of a house too.

In order to transform your kitchen into a modern kitchen, there are few features that needs to be there. Whether you are moving into a new place and want to personalise your space or you want to renovate your old kitchen and transform it into something better, these features are essential to add that sense of contemporariness into it.


The most common feature of appliances found in modern kitchens are the tendency to move towards stainless steel appliances. Modern and contemporary style is defined by minimalist appearances. The metallic appearance of stainless steel and the industrial look helps to add that sleek and urban look while also being minimalist. Although appliances are not on the top of the list of features that you need to change in order to achieve a modern look, you can consider this when you are buying something new or replacing an old appliance.


The flooring of any room is an important factor in deciding its style or theme. Depending on the flooring you use, your kitchen could look traditional or modern. When it comes to choosing kitchen flooring material, there are a few factors to be considered; function, durability, maintenance. Some of the flooring style you can choose for a modern kitchen are concrete, porcelain, stone, ceramic tile, vinyl strips that mimic hardwood, wood laminate, hardwood and cork.


Once the flooring is chosen, the next is choosing the right countertops. Well-chosen countertops can reflect a sense of luxury and class while also helping your kitchen to maintain its modern, minimalist glam. You can choose materials such as granite, marble, porcelain, stone or quartz.

If you want further direction on what countertop material fits you the best, you can contact a company who does countertop and splashback installation Melbourne wide and consult them on the kind of countertops you prefer. They will help you choose the ideal material that would both add aesthetic and function to your modern kitchen.


Colours, like flooring, help to decide the style and theme of a place. Most of the times, modern or contemporary spaces use less vibrant colours and stay away from dark bold shades. Instead, they choose more neutral shades, often sticking to black and white.

You can use these colours in several ways. When you choose your flooring, countertops and splashbacks and paint for the walls, you can stick to a neutral colour palette. Earthly tones like brown will also be perfect for this. When choosing any kitchen furniture try to stay within these colours so they can match the rest of the features.


The use of lighting is what sets the ambience of a space. Most modern houses use a lot of lighting. On top of that, kitchens are spaces where you need enough light so you can prepare your meals. When choosing lighting, this is why you need to be careful and choose lights that are not only beautiful, but efficient for a kitchen. Most modern houses use LED lights for a more natural look. But remember that these needs to have a dimmer switch so that your kitchen will not be overly bright 24/7.

Once these fittings are installed, your modern kitchen will be ready. Make sure to pay attention to both efficiency and aesthetic sides of each aspect so that it would look its best.

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