Glass Fences for Your Swimming Pool: Are They Safe?

No one could question the aesthetic appeal of glass fences for swimming pools. They make not just the swimming pool but the front yard or back yard look it was photographed from an architectural digest or a five-star hotel. But you might think they look delicate and flimsy. So, are they really safe?

Glass fences are strong

Despite how they look, glass fences are durable and strong. Sure, they might quiver when there are strong winds but it would not break or be flown away since they are supported by stainless steel hinges, bolts, etc.

Not only that, the glass fences are made out of thick tempered safety glass which is stronger than regular glass and is almost next to impossible to shatter. This glass is made to be impenetrable to breaking from impact, similar to glass used for windshields, shower doors and bulletproof glass. Even frameless glass pool fencing could withstand wind and pressure.

Glass fences give you a clear view while your kids are swimming

More often than not, homes with swimming pools are for families with kids or for a home that always has children for guests. Kids love swimming and parents could attest to the difficulty of making them come out of the pool when it’s time to eat.

If the fence around the pool is made out of glass, parents and adults could keep an eye on the kids when they are swimming or playing around even if they are doing something else. Accidental drowning is one of the causes of deaths for children under 4 years old and most of it happens in residential pools.

Of course, adult supervision is still the best but there is nothing wrong in taking extra precautions which makes glass fences the best option for giving adults clear views of the kids while they are swimming.

Glass fences are non-climbable

Kids love horsing around. Some are even little daredevils that want to give their parents heart attack every time they want to try on doing something risky and dangerous. Fortunately, glass fences are non-climbable and kids could not climb over them when you told them they could not swim without you. Typically, the fences are around 4 to 5 feet tall depending on the municipality or locality’s rules which is enough to fend off small and young tots.

Glass fences are windbreaker

When the wind is blowing, it is typically not a good time to swim. Glass fences are legitimate windbreaker and will not affect the people swimming. For other fences, sure they could also be windbreaker but they could also block the sun from coming in, making sunbathing beside the pool out of the question. Another advantage of having a glass pool fence is that it would protect the pool from dirt and debris brought by the strong wind.

If your pool is situated with a view of the ocean or the mountain, you would not want to block that view. So, a glass fence is best.

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