Painting tips to paint like a pro!

At least once a year or once in two years we decide to give our home a fresh coat of paint. This gives the home a fresh look and upgrades the look of the home. Most of the time, we hire a professional painter to do the job for us, if this year you are dealing with a tight budget, and you need to save some money you can paint the home by yourself using these few tips that will be helpful. First of all you need to make sure that the surface you are painting is really dry. If there is any moist left, wait a few days until it’s really dry. It’s also ideal to paint your house during hot and sunny days.

Before you start painting you need to make sure you inspect the surface really well. Sometimes, the walls could be chipped and there could be small holes on the surface that needs to be filled before you do the paint job. If these types of work is too much for you to handle you can get the services of a good cheap painter Chatswood has, to do the paint job for you, but if you are determined to do this by yourself just follow these steps and you would be able to do a great paint job.

Next comes the important part, which is choosing of the paint colours. If you go to a hardware store of a paint store you will be able to see a lot of different shades to pick from. If you are not sure which shade you should go with pick a couple of colours and do some samples on your walls. This way you will be able to see which colours work well with the lighting of the room and other important facts.  It’s always better to stick to one colour palette and choose colours that are keeping close to that palette as it will give your home a more uniformed look.

Its also very important that you have the right painting equipment to complete the job. So, make sure that you get the right types of brushes and rollers that are going to help you finish the painting well. Select good quality products to ensure a smooth and great finish and you also need to have a few spare rags and other equipment ready with you before you start the process.

Any good painter knows the importance of keeping the painting area clean and tidy. Make sure you lay a lot of plastic paper or old newspapers on the floor to protect your flooring from paint. Also it’s ideal to cover all your furniture and other important items at home with cloth or any other material so as to not get any paint on them. Try and keep yourself clean by wearing an apron or overalls over your clothes. It is also ideal to use gloves, so you don’t have to remove paint stains off of your body. These are some tips that will help you do a great paint job at home.

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