Things to Think About Before Building A Pool

As much as it is cool to have a pool to chill out on a hot day or for an evening pool party, a pool comes with a lot of responsibilities. It requires high maintenance, a lot of time and constant care to ensure a healthy and hygienic pool environment. While it is common for many Aussie homes to have pools, it does come with a lot of unseen responsibilities. If you think you have got it all sorted here are some things you should try considering before you start building one in your yard.

Do you have space?

A pool can be of various sizes, and it can also be made to fit the shape desired, however you do require some basic measurements for a pool plan to be approved. Although it may look simply it does take effort and sufficient space in order to fit the pool as well as the filters that are normally underground. Be sure you have the right space before digging and always be sure to get your plans approved prior to any construction.

Is the site up to it?

A land that is prone to flooding can probably not be ideal for a pool. A muddy area or highly commercial land will have restrictions on what can be built especially for something as complex as a pool. You may need to carry out a soil test to ensure the ground you are building on is stable for a pool. Will your filters be able to work properly or is the area prone to a lot of dirt, in which case constant cleaning is required.

Where do you want it to be?

Many homes have a pool in the backyard as it provides safety and privacy. However, this does depend on the landscape and spacing of your home. Some may want their pool to be in frontof their living room so that there is additional protection, while some may want it to be in a secluded area of their house.

Pools require inspections

In order for a pool to be approved a mandatory inspection is carried out. This is a legal requirement where you can be fined or prosecuted if not done. Along with this a pool fence is a mandatory fixture that needs to be installed at all home pools. In Melbourne pool fence inspections can be carried out by private companies. They cater to this need as well as other pool needs you may require.


This is a huge question that determines if you need a pool. The initial cost of constructing a pool is very high and maintenance is not cheap either. You will have to potion out a good amount to ensure your pool is healthy and clean for constant use. The chemicals used to disinfect such as chlorine and filtering of water require power which you will need to consider when drawing up the long-term cost having a pool.

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