Things You Need to Know About Time

Time is a numeric value that specifies an exact moment. For instance, what time is the meeting? The show starts at 4.30 PM. Or, the sunsets at 6.00 PM. These denote precise times an event will take place.Time as a whole is self-explanatory.

Thus, it is connected to the theory of space; through the motion of Earth and moons.Therefore, if you see, 60 seconds make up a minute. 60minutes make up an hour. 24-hours make a day, and 365 days make a year. The circular rotation has no end to it.

How to Read the Time?

Reading a clock is something our teachers though us in primary grades. However, it still can be a bit confusing with the various styles of watches available in the market. Though with a little practice and discipline, it is no big deal; anyone can read it! There are Analogue clocks that are divided into 12-hour format.

The reading begins by denoting the number the hour hand is pointing at; then, following the minute’s hand. A digital clock is simple and straightforward. It has a screen displaying the numeric hours, minutes, and seconds value.

Hence, even a toddler can read the time by seeing the numbers. Although many clocks come with roman numbers in the Analogue style; thus, it can be a little tricky to read if you do not know the roman numeric. However, it is fairly easy to learn roman numbers until 12, as it only varies with 3-digits, ” I, V and X.”

The Time Formats:

There are two main formats, 24-hours and 12-hours. 

  • 24-hours is also known as military time. It is a technique of reading the time based on a full 24-hours of the day. The time does not split into two 12-hours.For example, 2.30 PM in military time is 14.30.
  • The 12-hour format divides the day into two; when the hands are at sharp 12, in the morning, it is called noon. Likewise, sharp 12, at night, is called midnight.

Thus, the use of AM and PM happens. AM is from midday to midnight, and PM is from midnight to noon.

Various Types of Clocks

There are plenty of uniquely designed clocks that read out the same time! You can find table clocks in stores and shop for wall clocks online. One can browse through a wide range of choices before finalizing the desired clock. Here is a list below of various types:

  • Regulator- Mostly used in railway stations; are these rectangular wall clocks. 
  • Bracket Clock- This is typically in a wooden case with a handle on the top. It is the best fit for selves.
  • Anniversary Clock- Just as its name, this clock lasts a year-long without battery drain or any other internal damage. 
  • Carriage Clock- This is a medium-sized clock usually in brass-cover with a handle on the top. Suitable for tabletops. 
  • Radio Controlled Clock- Accuracy at its best. This clock uses radio signals from U.S Atomic Clock to show the time. U.S Atomic Clock is the most accurate timer across the whole globe.

However, these are the basic types of clocks. Moreover, there are multiple other types available to browse and select your favourite. 

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