Tips for Selecting a Boat Motor

One of the factors that will affect your boating experience will be the motor used. And you need to choose the right motor so that you are able to ensure safety, fuel efficiency and performance. There are many boat supply stores online where you can browse for specifications and costs as well so that you are able to do some research before you choose a motor.

It is important to know the specifications of your boat before you start looking for a motor

You need to the type of boat, weight and size to select the right motor. If you have a smaller boat, outboard motors will be required and for larger boats, there will be stern drive or inboard engines. The size of the motor has to be determined based on the size and weight of the boat and you will be able to check the recommendations given by the manufacturers specifying the power output of the engine with regard to the weight and size of boat. Consider the intended use for the boat. Depending on the primary activity you will be using the activity for, the power of the motor will vary along with performance. Maybe you are using the boat to tow a watercraft or using it for fishing or cruising.

There are different types of boat motors available as well. The most common type you will come across is the outboard motor which is mounted externally on the transom of the boat. These motors are easy to maintain and very versatile. However, these are generally best for smaller boats. Inboard motors will be located inside the hull of the boat and used for larger vessels. Because it is inside the boat, it offers better weight distribution and reduces the noise of the motor contributing to a quieter ride.

However, this comes with its downsides as well because this type of motor needs more maintenance and it can be difficult to access it to repair and maintain it. There is motor that takes elements from both outboard and inboard motors called stern-drive motors. These are placed inboards but the driver unit will extend below the hull. And you can find this type of motors in powerboats. For boats operating in shallow water, you can look into jet drives where water propulsion is used. But this is for smaller boats and personal watercraft.

Consider the fuel efficiency of the motor

As this will have an impact on the operating costs of your boat. It will also determine the range of the boat. This will be provided on the specifications as miles per gallon rating. The horsepower of the engine should also be checked beforehand. If you select one with inadequate horsepower, you will have difficulty propelling the boat.

Also, by choosing a motor with high horsepower that doesn’t suit the requirements of your boat, you will face inefficiency and more fuel will be consumed. To understand the horsepower required by your boat, you can check the recommendations provided by your boat manufacturer. There will generally be a range specified for this. The intended use of the boat will determine whether you need lower or higher horsepower.