Top Trending Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatment may not be the most popular word on the planet, but it is one of the top secrets to a cheery and a happy home. Generally, everyone at Sydney treat their windows at their home. Sometimes they use hard window treatments such as blinds, shades, and shutters, or soft window treatments such as sheers, drapes, curtains roman shades, valances and swags. Some even go to the extent of using a combination of both. However, most people are concerned of the appearance and the look rather than how it will affect their life at home.


Curtains are put over shades or blinds, they are usually hanged with the help of a rod and is extended right down to the floor or window sill. Curtains are made with light material therefore they are ideal for darkening a room.


Drapery is also referred to as curtains. Curtains and drapery are the most commonly used window treatments in Australian homes. Though both curtains and drapes sound the same, they have many differences.

Drapes are made of thicker material therefore, unlike curtains, drapes can block out lighter. Both curtains and drapes are very easy to install, in fact it is something that anyone can do since it does not require any special skills or equipment.


Shutters is probably the next popular but the more expensive hard window treatment. They are made in a way that we can swing out and in, to open or close. Generally, windows are covered with two panels which can be open independent of the other. Some would call this even a double door because of this simple but very useful technique.

If you’re from Australia, look online for plantation shutters Sydney to find different designs. They make these shutters using materials like plastic and different types of wood even including basswood. Therefore, it is a very sustainable solution for many homes, it adds value to a home.

People use either shutters or blinds, of which shutters are more durable. Generally, shades or soft window treatments accompany shutters. Some people use a combination of both shutters and soft window treatments such as curtains and drapery.

Blinds and shades

People ideally use either of the two, however blinds and shades are completely different. Blinds are made of hard material like wood, metal or vinyl, but shades are made out of soft materials such as fabric material.

With all these options available, it would be a very difficult choice. Shutters are obviously the best option to those who are looking for a more long-lasting solution. However, it could be sometimes expensive to some people. Blinds serve a similar purpose but may not last very long.

Curtains and drapes would be the best solution. Today eco-friendly window treatments are on the rise. Natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and untreated woods are beginning to be used widely in the Australia. This also reveals how environmentally conscious people have become, which is a very good sign.

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