What Are Ecoffee Cups and How to Use Them?

With people becoming more environmentally conscious these days, looking for eco-friendly alternatives to almost everything has been the common trend in the past decade – from sustainable clothing, natural energy sources, eco-friendly products, and many more.

For coffee lovers out there, you might be feeling guilty every time you throw out a used coffee cup, thinking about the negative impact it would have to the environment later on. If you’re looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy your coffee straight from your favourite coffee shop, ecoffee cups is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Learn more about ecoffee cups and how they are transforming your coffee experience into something more eco-friendly.

What is an Ecoffee Cup?

Basically, an ecoffee cup is a reusable cup made from bamboo, cornstalk fibres, corn-starch, and bound together by a plant-based resin. One of the main purposes of this cup is to lessen the waste commonly produced by coffee shops – disposable coffee cups.

Since you can reuse it again on your next coffee session, it significantly reduces the number of disposable cups used in coffee shops. Since ecoffee cups are made from all-natural materials, you can be sure that your coffee is 100% safe and free from harmful chemicals unlike when you use disposable cups. DO you want to experience the difference of enjoying a guilt-free cup of coffee? Shop the range of ecoffee cups from one of Australia’s best.

How to Clean an Ecoffee Cup?

Since the whole thing is reusable, you need to clean it properly for the next use. Ecoffee cups are generally dishwasher safe – you can put all of its components in the dishwasher to be cleaned. However, you could also hand wash it to save space on the dishwasher.

Is it Microwave Safe?

Not all ecoffee cups are microwavable which means you should be careful with what you’re using. To be sure, you could check the cup instead to see if it is microwave-safe or not. Usually, it would be indicated at the bottom part of the cup. Always take a look first before trying to put in inside a microwave. Aside from the microwave-safe logo, you could also see the instructions on how to use the cup in a microwave. Be sure to follow it properly to avoid damaging your ecoffee cup.

Is it Safe to Use?

One of the common concerns by consumers is the safety of a product especially when they are still new to it. Ecoffee cups are made from 100% natural products which means that it is also very safe to use. Bamboo also has a natural antimicrobial property, making your ecoffee cup sterile and hygienic in every use. You could expect your coffee to taste pure and free from any weird or chemical flavours because of the materials used to create the cup.

If you’re still using the old disposable cups every time you hit the coffee shop, switch to the new ecoffee cup now and enjoy a guilt-free coffee experience.

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