What’s the Best Kind of Line Trimmer: A Quick Guide?

Line trimmers are also commonly known an edge trimmer, whipper snippers or simple lawn trimmers. They have various uses that go beyond precision trimming your lawn edges or borders. You can use them for cutting wild patches of grass, horizontal trimming along walls or even to mow your lawn.

Below is quick buying guide on the different types of line trimmers, price range and the factors to consider when buying one.

Petrol Line Trimmers

If you are looking to trim a large area or you’re a contractor, the best choice is a petrol model. They are the most effective when it comes to dealing with long patches of grass and can also be refuelled easily.

There are two types of petrol line trimmers: Straight shaft and curved shaft. Curved shafts are commonly found in the domestic range while straight shaft trimmers are more heavy-duty and powerful and often used as bush cutters.

When looking to buy a petrol trimmer look for one with a transparent petrol tank so that it is easy to notice when you are low on petrol, it is easy to pour in a certain amount of petrol too. Most of the petrol-powered cutters come in two stroke models, which is still the most type of small engine. A two-stroke engine will require a fuel mix while a four-stroke engine required straight petrol and it is also more environmentally friendly that its two stroke counterparts.

Also look for a clutch on your trimmer. This will ensure the cutting head is safe and doesn’t spin unnecessarily when the motor is idle. If you are handling a clutch-less model be careful when walking around because the head will continue to spin

Electric and Cordless Line Trimmers

Electric and cordless whipper snipper are lightweight and have less cutting force compared to petrol powered models.  They are ideal for smaller yards and easier to start. Noise pollution is also significantly less. This is quite an important feature because countless are the times I’ve gotten angry with my neighbours for the loud engine noises that come when they are trimming their lawn.

The fact that they are suitable for a small yard is because an electric trimmer requires you to walk around the yard with an extension cord. This is also quite dangerous. This issue is overcome with cordless models.

When it comes to a cordless model it is best to invest in a spare battery if you have a large yard. When it comes to batteries pay attention to Voltage and Capacity. Higher the voltage, better the cutting force. The most common voltage is 18V but however there are more powerful batteries nowadays.

Capacity indicates the running time. Just like voltage larger the capacity, longer the battery can last.

How much will either cost me?

Most line trimmer are priced between $200 to $350 but however you can get a line trimmer for as cheap as $50 to even go up to $1000.

This is all you need to know about line trimmers. It is a simple topic and investing in one will make your life easier.

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