Choosing an Occasional Chair for Your Home

Occasional chairs or accent chairs are a great addition to your interior design. They can become additional seating in the case of guests and they can become an accessory to the furniture sets that you may currently own. Occasional chairs are easy to match with existing design styles and they are very versatile.

While some occasional chairs tend to be simple in order to match a variety of furniture arrangements and styles, they can also be used as an accent piece that will draw the eye and create a touch of brightness in a room. They can also be used as standalone pieces. You can look for custom made furniture in Melbourne to select a piece that will draw attention. An occasional chair can be used in any setting whether it is a dining room, living room or even a bedroom where you can create a seating area near a window with a beautiful side table and a lighting fixture. They are great elements to add to your interior design. But you have to select a chair that doesn’t break the cohesiveness of your interior design. There should be a flow to the interior design so that the furniture all have a unified theme and they all complement each other.

Think about the existing colour scheme of your home when selecting occasional chairs in Melbourne for a furniture arrangement. The colours should complement each other and there should be patches of the same colour distributed around the house to tie it all together. To create an accent chair, you can simply choose a colour that appears less often in the home. You can also add to its uniqueness through texture or pattern. If you can’t decide whether all elements of the room look put together, you can take a photo of the room and study it later to see if there is anything odd that sticks out. For example, you can’t use too many accents in a room because it will dilute the effect. So you need to choose where you put the chair and understand how the other elements relate to it. Maybe you can put it next to the windows where the chair will draw attention the moment you come to the room and therefore bring your eye to the view outside.

Consider the style that you have created throughout the house and whether there is uniformity to it. It is best to stay within a certain spectrum of design so that there is still a flow within the house. Consider the style of the furniture pieces you have and also the proportions. You have to think about what will maximize space in a room and create an impression of brightness and fullness. So if you live in a space that has tall ceilings, there is more volume that you can play with and the height of the furniture pieces that you select will have to reflect that. But you can’t use furniture pieces that are quite tall in a space that has a low ceiling as they can dwarf the room and make it look out of proportion. Always have a theme in mind when you select occasional chairs even when you choose one to become an accent. In some cases, you can also choose a matching occasional chair so that the furniture arrangement looks complete.