Choosing the Right Bedside Table

Bedside tables are an essential element for your bedroom. These come in a variety of styles and are a great way of keeping your essentials near the bed without looking cluttered. You will come across bedside tables with different features, sizes and styles.

If you are looking for a bedside table, you first need to consider the comfortable height according to your bed frame and mattress. You need to have a bedside table that comes to the height of your mattress so they will be more or less in the same line. When the table is higher or lower than the mattress, it can be a little inconvenient to use. You can search for bedroom furniture Gold Coast online and look in the description about the dimensions of the frame. Think about what you are planning to place on the bedside table as well. If you have a certain bedside lamp in mind, make sure that the proportions of both items are in line with each other. For example, a very large bedside lamp will look out of place on a lightweight small bedside table.               

The size of the bedside table is an important consideration. Some of the things you will need to place on the table are a table lamp, phone charger, alarm clock, photo frames etc. Think about the space needed for the items you need to keep in order to get an idea of the surface area. You can also keep some items inside the drawer of the bedside table so you can free up the top and give a less cluttered appearance to the bedroom. Having storage in this table is a great feature. You can have a nighttime moisturiser, medicine, glasses or even a small snack inside the table. This way, you can reach in for something from the comfort of the bed itself without having to step out when you are already warm and cosy inside the blanket.

There are different materials available for bedside tables. This will have an impact on the rest of the bedroom as well. You also need to consider the weight of the items you are placing on it. If a heavy bedside lamp is going on the table, you need to make sure the table can take its weight. You can also match the material of the bed frame to your bedside table. This will give a more put together look for the furniture. Think about the height of the power outlets as well when you are fitting the bedside table. The outlets should be ideally resting above with some space left for a cable to bend. If you have a modern bedroom aesthetic, you can go with a bedside table that has metal or glass decorative elements. The colour of the bedside table should match with something in the room whether it is the bedframe or the walls. Instead of matching the wall colour completely, go for a shade that is slightly darker or lighter as this will highlight the bedside table a little more.