Common Reasons for Toilet Clogs

The toilet is one of the most important utility in every home. Just imagine how it would be like when the toilet gets clogged. It would really be a disaster and everyone at home will surely be frustrated when they can’t use the toilet. However, there are unavoidable times when the toilet suddenly gets clogged. There are a lot of factors that could cause clogging and knowing the most common ones will surely help you a lot in fixing a clogged toilet. Here are some of the most common causes of toilet clogs and how to deal with them.

You’re Using an Outdated Toilet

One of the main reasons for a frequently clogging toilet is the toilet design itself. Older toilets usually utilize a low-flow design which uses lesser water to flush it. Although it could save a lot when it comes to water consumption, it is more prone to clogs because it doesn’t have enough pressure to clear up drain and internal trap. Replacing the toilet is one of the best ways to solve this especially if you notice frequent clogging. However, if you’re still not ready to change it, you could lessen the risks of clogging by avoiding clog-prone items such as toilet paper in getting to the toilet.

Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Another common cause of clogs is flushing non-flushable items into the toilet. Toilet tissue is fine to be flushed in it since it is designed to dissolve and disintegrate quickly into the water. However, other items such as paper towels, wet wipes, cotton balls, and other non-dissolvable items should never be flushed down into the toilet. They could restrict the drainage flow and could cause backups after building up for a while. Remind your family members about the things that shouldn’t be flushed into the toilet. You could also place a trash bin in the bathroom so all the trash will be disposed there.

Problems in the Sewer Line

If you notice clogging in more than one fixtures at home, its root cause might be at the sewer line itself. Clogs can also build-up in the sewer lines no matter how big the pipes are. These clogs are caused by a variety of things – toilet paper, non-flushable items, and simply just a build-up of solid waste. External factors can also cause clogs in the sewer line.

A common example of this is tree roots that puncture through the sewer pipe. The roots itself could restrict the flow of drainage as well as let other sediments in which cause a more severe block in the pipe. It is a serious problem that needs to be fixed by a professional immediately since there are a lot of health risks associated with a leaking sewage. If you suspect that this is the problem, contact an expert plumber in Brisbane immediately to fix it.

By knowing the different common causes of toilet clogs, you can do a lot in lessening the probability of clogs from happening into your home.

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