Gifts for Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

Best friends are special kinds of friend who have been with you like sisters and the birthday of someone like that is so special and you want to get the best gift out there.

There are many things that you can choose.

Plan a birthday surprise

Everyone loves a surprise you can plan to throw a birthday surprise for your friend, you can contact her family and also other friends and arrange a birthday party this can be outside or even within her own house. Plan it secretly making sure she doesn’t get to know.

Birthday jar with notes

Words have a way of moving hearts one thing you can do is write down about your friendship and what she has meant to you, write them in different coloured notes and try to make it a little funny too so she can laugh while reading and fold them and put it in a jar. Wrap it up really nicely and give it to her.

Curate a gift box

You can curate for your friend a self-care gift which may contain a body scrub, body wash, moisturizer, face wash or soap. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a self-care gift box if you have any other idea you can try that too.

Tickets to a concert or a game

If you know of any of her favourite artist or a game that is taking place you can surprise her by taking her to that event. You need to be updated on this information because if it is a famous game or performance, they tend to get sold out soon, so for this you would have to place an order months before.

Keep an eye out for it and if they are performing you can get the tickets soon. If possible, try to get backstage access too from where she can get signed stuff. You can even gift a CD frame where she can put in signed CDs.

Get her favourite merch

If she is an avid fan of some celebrity you can get some of their merch online. This makes a really wonderful gift and your friend is going to be really happy.

Bake her something

Something about made by one self really warms the heart. If you are good at cooking or baking you can bake her favourite desserts and wrap them up beautifully.

Photo frames or video montage

What better ways to capture memories than with photos or videos? One thing you can do is make a collage of both of your picture, frame it and gift it to her or you can create a video montage, you can ask all her friends and family to send a recording of them wishing happy birthday and few words of your best friend and you can compile them and show it to her on her birthday.

Matching necklace

You can get a necklace that says something like best friends forever or a locket of having the picture of the two of you and present it to her.

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