How to Adorn Your Hallway?

The best part of interior design is you can create an elegant space by just using a few elements in a creative way. For instance, to bring an aesthetic and elegant touch to your entrance, you can use a hallway rug, also known as a hallway runner.

These are lengthy rectangular carpets used in narrow hallways to protect the floor and also create an impactful design. It is the most lenient way to form a significant hall decor.

How to choose a hall carpet?

Like everything with abundant choices, the difficulties rise to narrow down to one option. With various materials and styles, it is the same case with these carpets. Hence, we have drafted a few steps on how to narrow down your options.

The rug fibre is the key element that should be looked into first. The higher the durability, the long-lasting it is.

Here Are Some Examples of The Fiber Type:


It is an ideal choice to opt-in for as it is a long-lasting fibre with high durability. Also, its soft texture would be a warm, welcoming note for all-suitable for the entrance. However, wool gets easily stained, for example, from a liquor spill. 


It is a suitable for a hallway with high traffic. It is a man-made fibre with good durability and easy to clean quality.


It is a source of natural fibre, with neutral colours that go well with a rustic look of the interior. It is also one of the softest options. However, the jute runners are the least durable. 


Similar to the jute, but it has a waxy coating that assures a high durability. It also goes well with any stains and is easy to clean. These entrance hall runners are best for high traffic areas, making it the best choice to use. 

Upon deciding and finalizing the fibre type, let’s move on to the process of buying a hallway rug.

There are other factors that come into consideration when making a selection. 

What Are the Tips for Buying the Ideal Hallway Runner?

Measure the hallway area 

The hall carpets should match with the hallway shape. It is a must to define a path for the hallway runner; consequently, you don’t want to see curled edges after the first few months.

For instance, one must place it right ahead on the main door, with having a gap of two inches or more on the sides.

Determine a style

The runner should resemble and go in-hands with the interior. For example, if you have tile flooring; then, complement your hallway with a rich and intimate contemporary runner style.

Choose a pattern and a colour

Each hallway carpet pattern denotes a motion for a guest entering. For example, the striped pattern means and extends to the long hallway. After deciding on the style and the pattern, the last most consideration is the colour.

Also, it is equally vital as it directly reflects on the interior design of your house. The colour of the hallway runner should match the colour scheme of the paints and the flooring. Hence, now you have narrowed down your option, it is time to d├ęcor your hallway!

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