How to Optimise the Functionality of Storage Shelves?

Every home has storage shelves in some design or other but how can you organise your storage more efficiently? Space is very valuable so you need to come up with innovative ways to organise and store all you need.

The first thing you need to do

Evaluate your storage requirements so that you know the items you want to store along with their sizes and how frequently you want to access them. This will give you an idea of where to store them within the house as well as the type of shelving units needed. You should always think about the items you need to store before you choose a storage solution so that you can customise it to your needs more.

You will need to categorise the items so that similar items can be grouped together. For example, you can have canned goods and long-shelf-life products stored together. Office supplies can be stored separately along with more frequently used items in more accessible spaces. This creates a hierarchy for the storage and you will be able to know exactly what a certain storage unit contains inside.

You can maximise the functionality of the shelves by using storage containers

If you are looking for sustainable storage, bamboo storage shelves are a great option. You can use clear containers so that it is easier to see what is inside. Or if you feel as if that might look too cluttered, you can select translucent or opaque containers but use labels to clearly say what the category of the contents is. This will help somebody who is not familiar with the surroundings find what they are looking for easily. And what this does is create one space for the item in question so that it will always be placed here. So you don’t have to go looking all over the house for a scissor, can opener, needle and thread etc. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Accessibility is an important aspect of designing your shelves

It can be easier when you can customize the height of the shelves according to what you are going to store. This will help you maximise available space; shorter shelves can be used for smaller items and vice versa. Also, frequently used items can be stored at eye level. And shelf dividers can be used to organise your storage even further. What this does is that it creates sections on the shelves and it adds to the organisation.

Also, it will prevent things from toppling over. You can use shelf dividers to keep folded clothing, files and books in place. Always think about how you can utilise available vertical space. In addition to shelves, you can use racks, hooks and hanging organisers so that you can designate a space for each category of storage. For example, you can have a wall mounted coat or hat rack at the entrance. And hooks can be installed at the back of bedroom doors to hang bags.