The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Bathroom Floor

When it comes to cleaning the tiles in your bathroom, there are many things you can do. To help you do the best job, we talked everything about them. Keep reading.


The tiles in your bathroom could be in such a bad state due to the humid environment they are in. The warmth and moisture cause mould to grow. You don’t have to look closely to notice them all over the floor.

If the tiles are made from non-porous materials, you will be able to kill spores with bleach. Remember to wear a mask, though. Breathing bleach fumes in a small bathroom is a bad idea.

Materials like wood and caulk are porous. The chances of them being in a bathroom would be low.


Fungi isn’t the only thing that can grow in bathrooms. Soap scum residue can also cling to surfaces and grow. Hardened soap melts when it gets hot. Deal with the residue by turning the hot water on and closing the door and windows – steam would be able to circulate. You’ll have to let the steam do its job for 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll then have taken a mop and wipe the residue away.

Unfortunately, you may not have a hot water system in your home. You can get large pitchers of hot water and pour them on your floor. Make sure that you have enough water, though. Not enough steam would be produced otherwise.

To increase the chances of the soap scum being lifted, you can spray the tiles with tile cleaner beforehand.


There’s something you can do to prevent the tiles from getting dirty– place a tile sealer. It would create a barrier between the floor and the outside environment. There are many available, but the best options would make the floor look glossier too.

As you may be a busy person, it could be hard for you to add sealant layers. Don’t fret, you can hire tilers to do the work.


Regularly walking into the bathroom with dirty feet would cause the floor to stain. No matter the type of tile placed, you can get rid of stains by making a floor cleaner at home. It would consist of dish soap and warm water.

A lot of people think vinegar Is good to clean grout with. This is not the case because of how acidic it is. It can also stain stone flooring.

Considering that you might be bringing in bacteria and pathogens when you walk in, the dirt should be dealt with dish soap that can kill a lot of bacteria.

Final Thoughts

As a homeowner, you’re constantly trying to keep your home clean. You don’t have to look closely to notice that the floors in your bathroom have muck and grime. Everything we discussed would help you clean them. From the list, steam would do the trick the most. And you can place a sealant to make it harder for dirt to stick.

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