Things You Could Do with Glass Jars

If you are a person who likes to save up, be creative and use items in more than one way we have got the best lined up for you! Have fun reading along.

Glass jars to marinade meat

Yes, you read that right, you could use a glass jar to marinate meat. You need to just simply add your spices and let them infuse and then blend the spices using a suction then cut up your meat with a few of the jars and then add them to the fridge to thaw and you are done!

Glass jars for plants

You can also use glass jars to add in a plant, all you need is a plant, water and a mason jar! It is that’s simple.

Further, you can also mix the jars up and use some for plants and flowers too!

Glass jars for spices

You can also add spices into a glass jar with lid and label it as well. This brings a touch of class into your kitchen space! You would not have to look into the bottles to know which spice they are as the jars are glass and are visible to your eyes.

Happy cooking!

Glass jars to store lights

You could store your LED or Fairy lights in cute little glass jars and light them up during dinner time, in your room or on any celebratory occasion!

Glass jars to store food

Another use of glass jars can be used to store up food, some of our favourites are overnight oats- this works perfectly with a jar that has a lid. Chia puddings and chocolate puddings – you could use the jars for this food source too!

You can also use the jars to make smoothie jars with fruits or veggies! Whichever you prefer. Have fun with it!

Glass jars to make a floating water candle

You could easily make a candle with these glass jars, all you would need are – floating wicks, mason glass jar, citrus fruits such as oranges and limes sliced up, water, cooking oil and you are done!

Try them out and feel free to share with your friends! You could also add essence after which is up to you.

Glass jars for other knickknacks

You can also use glass jars to store up little coins, and any other items such as – hairbands, rubber bands, nails, clips for your day-to-day use.

Feel free to add in any other items that we may not know you have in your home.

Glass jars for holders

Finally, you can use a glass jar for pen holders and even a paper weight if you add in some coins into them. They are perfect for it!

You can try to be creative with them, these were some of our favourite uses of glass jars. We hope you will make the best out of your glass jars and use them for multiple reasons. Save up, learn to DIY and have fun with it!

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