Tips For Doing the Laundry

Doing laundry can be a dull and sometimes tiresome chore however, there are tips you could follow to make the entire process both easier and less tiresome.

Get the right detergents

Getting the right detergents is a must because you need to make sure that it is of good quality. You should keep in mind that the detergents are going to touch the clothes and then touch your body. Therefore, if you use laundry detergents of poor quality it could irritate your skin.

Be mindful of the quantity of detergents that you use. Too much detergent can lead to the clothes not being washed well as it could cause the washing machine to get clogged. Too little detergent would not be effective in doing the job of getting the dirt off the clothes, therefore make sure you use the right amount of detergent.

Separate the whites

It is easy to get distracted when doing the laundry. You may not be paying attention to what you are doing which could result in you ruining your favourite white piece of clothing. Mixing colours with whites can lead to the colour running all over the white clothes. To make sure this does not happen, first separate your clothes and then put them into the machine. Separating the clothes into piles will keep you aware of what is going into the machine.

The wet clothes

Once you take the clothes out of the washing machine it needs to be dried. If your dryer is broken and you are waiting for a clothes dryer repair technician to see to it, put the clothes out in the sun until it’s fixed. Getting your drier fixed will be beneficial to you especially if you are in the middle of monsoon season. Another advantage of having a dryer is the factor of time. Putting the clothes out in the sun can do the job but it will take some time. However, with a dryer the process will be much faster.


Once you have washed and dried your clothes, the next step it to iron it. When ironing, consider the fabric of the clothing item as there are certain fabrics which can burn easily. Some fabrics are very sensitive that you may have to keep a cloth over the item and then iron it to prevent it from burning. Due to this, a steamer is another device you could use. Keep in mind the temperature of the iron. Even if the fabric you are ironing is one which iron easily, if the temperature is too high it could still get burnt.


No matter how much you iron the clothes, if you do not fold the clothes properly it can get crushed especially when you are putting it into the cupboard. Try to not refold clothes too many times as this could contribute to the item getting crushed. Pick an easy method of folding and try and stick to just one method as this will reduce the number of fold marks.

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