6 Tips to Lower Utility Bills

You don’t have to deal with massive utility bills every month. There is a number of ways you can cut costs. We’ve talked about the best means below. Keep reading.

Solar Panels

There is no reason to not switch to solar panels. The panels would help you create electricity, so you’d not rely on local energy companies. Not only would your electricity bill be virtually non-existent, but you’d be free from energy companies regularly jacking up their prices.

As the contraptions can be pricey, make sure you work with the best suppliers. Avoiding sub par solar retailers can be done by checking reviews.

Cold Water

Solar panels are a great way to lower utility bills. But something else that would help would be not using hot water. Unfortunately, a lot of power has to be used to heat water.

Some clothes may require that you use warm water to clean them. If this isn’t specified, there’s no reason for you to not use regular water. Taking showers in cold water can help you relax – it’s a win-win situation.


Speaking of showering, it might be a good idea to cut down how long you take to shower as well. Throughout a year, you’d be shocked at how much water your showers are wasting. The optimum time to spend would be around 5 minutes. 

Cut Electricity

How many devices are plugged into outlets right now? Although they’re fully charged and not in use, they’d still be sucking power. It would be a smart move to remove electronics when not in use. But it would be a better idea to purchase a smart strip; it would detect when devices are not in use and cut off their power supply.

Weather strips

The insulation in your home may not be great. Heat may enter or escape freely, which is why you’re blasting your heater and air conditioners. Improving insulation can be done by placing weather strips on windows and doors. They essentially limit drafts. Some weather strips do a better job at eliminating drafts than others – look around.


It may be very cold where you live. Think about lowering the thermostat when going to bed. You can stay warm underneath the covers. There is no reason to blast the thermostat.

Speaking of the heater, it may be old. Its age makes it inefficient – it sucks up more power than it should. Your air conditioners might not be efficient as well. There are specific appliances that have star symbols on their sides. They were made specifically to not use a lot of electricity.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that can be done if you want to lower your home’s utility bills. The best thing you could do is place solar panels. They would help you create your own electricity, so you wouldn’t have to rely on your local energy supplying company. Something that would greatly help you reduce utility bills would be limiting how much hot water you use as well. If the water heater is old, there is a chance that it’s wasting power too.

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