How Has Concrete Furniture Become So Popular?

When we think concrete or cement, we think heavy and protruding, however many people have come to realize just how handy concrete furniture is. Concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregate of rocks. It is made into a paste that is smoother over until it becomes hardened.

Concrete guarantees steadiness and can last up to several years if maintained with care. Houses are built out of concrete to enforce strong and steady structures. It is one of toughest forms of construction and ironically it makes a perfect base for furniture too. If you are still not convinced about it, here are some ways concentrate has become a popular alternative for furniture construction.

Sleek and minimalistic

Have you ever walked into a space and realized just how plain yet elegant it is? No loud colours or distributive furniture just a simple, practical yet attractive space. Concrete is perfect for that sleek, minimalist finish. It can be made into kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, shelves for a bedroom and even a couch structure.

Since concrete is merely a paste at first the range of its uses are endless. It is ideal if you need to do a lot in a small space. It can be made along the walls and although many may think it looks heavy, it is in fact quite the contrary. It makes a space look lighter, natural and earthier.

Weather does not affect

The beauty of concrete is that it works for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Concrete is resilient to the heat and cold and therefore can be used for any type of furniture. It can be used as kitchen countertops as the heat of the stove does not stain or burn the surface. However continuous maintenance is needed in order to make sure the surface does not chip, stain or crack over time.

Can be custom made

Concrete is versatile and therefore can be made into any structure. Whether it is furniture for your kitchen, dining room or bathroom it can be designed into the specifications you desire. If you are looking for someone to do custom concrete furniture in Melbourne, there are many expert designers who are able to design furniture exactly the way you want.

The finish can be created

Depending on your preference and need concrete can be changed to fit the profile, this also includes the type of finish you desire. The pattern, colour and texture can be custom made when in the process of making it.

Outdoor furniture may sometimes be a little rougher in order to protect it from outside elements; it can also be made with a darker finish to avoid visible stains. However,bathroom or living room furniture will have a smooth, lighter coloured finish for an elegant and classy look.

No odour

Concrete does not have a lasting smell unlike certain other materials and thus is more viable for furniture. Once it dries it can be used for many years in the future.

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