Decorating Your Bedroom to Make It Uniquely Yours

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you could relax and recharge. It’s a place where you could truly be yourself. It is a physical representation of your personality, your feelings and a treasure box of everything you hold dear.

When decorating your bedroom, the most important thing you need to prioritize is that the bedroom would end up cosy because this is the space where you would rest. No matter how you style and decorate it, this must be the end result of the bedroom; snug.

Make sure that you also have enough space to move around especially if you need to open your wardrobe or sit on the dresser. Ease of movement must be your second priority. Now that, that is established, you could decorate your bedroom by focusing on three factors as follow:

Accent wall

If you have no idea about which artworks you could hang or you don’t want to drill holes in your wall to hang these artworks and or posters, you could have instead an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall that is different from the other walls in your bedroom. It could be different in colour, or it could have been painted with a pattern, stencilled or decorated with a wallpaper.

When deciding which wall to use as accent wall, go outside of your room and enter again. The wall that stands out and draw your eyes to it is your accent wall. Once you have decorated and styled it, make sure that there would be no obstructions to this wall to ensure that the wall serve its purpose of creating an impact.

Funky furniture

When decorating your bedroom, remember that it is all in the details. To make sure that the bedroom’s style is all yours, choose funky and one of a kind furniture. A bed frame that exceeds the size of the mattress could provide you a seating space without having to sit in the mattress.

A headboard with add-ons depending on your need could also make your bed unique. You could get a headboard with speakers, with storage space, etc. Personalize your dresser and wardrobe also depending on your preference and requirement. Also add decorative but functional elements such as lamps, designer bean bags, planters, etc.

Complementary textiles

Decorating with fabric is also important. Your curtains (if you are using these window coverings) must clash with the other decorations in your bedroom. If you have trouble sleeping because of the light coming in, make sure to choose curtains that are dark in colours and from that, choose the colour of your bed sheet, pillowcases and blanket that complement the curtain. If you would also put a carpet or a rug, make sure that the colour does not clash with the other textiles in your room.

You might think that decorating your bedroom is a task that you might not accomplish successfully given that you don’t have a background in interior decorating. But, with a bit of creativity and inspiration, you could make the space all yours.

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