How Relevant are Promotional Coffee Mugs in the Modern Era?

It is a proven fact that most adults consume coffee every day. People would need coffee cups for the same. This is why some of the companies offer custom printed coffee mugs to the business for promotional purposes. 

You can order promotional coffee mugs in bulk and customise them by adding the company logo, message or tagline as per your preferences. Simply Merchandise, Australia has a wide range of promotional coffee mugs that you could customise in bulk and order so that you could give them to customers or important clients to show that the company cares about them. 

Classic coffee cups are made of ceramic as it prevents all the nuances of a good coffee from being lost. Have a look at the benefits of promotional coffee mugs.

  • Helps improve the brand exposure of your company

Some mugs with the logo of your company would help reinforce the company image when a client visits. If a customer accepts that cup of coffee, you can offer it on all visits. When the person receives the coffee, they would see that it is marked with the company logo. They might be small details in the eyes of a client earn them points and be better valued. New employees who enter the office would make them feel part of a great company, gaining security and confidence. 

  • Helps improve the Office Environment

Offering the employees free coffee in their corresponding ceramic mugs helps improve the atmosphere in the office. On a long working day, a break is essential and offering coffee would cost you very little. It is proven that after a short break, productivity increases since the body and mind need to carry on with the day. 

  • They are Excellent Promotional Material

People regularly drink coffee at home and work in a coffee shop. Both at home and work, mugs with a company logo are a perfect fit. A cafeteria personalised mug could be usually seen in coffee distribution companies. If the business distributes coffee or is related to coffee, you should have a large stock of mugs with the logo to give away to all the coffee shops you work with. You might consider gifting a set of mugs for the employees to use in their homes. The employee would most likely use them at a meal or meeting with friends or family which helps in achieving an advertising impact. 

  • They are a great gift to raise money for a fundraiser or donate to a charity

If you want to be a part of a charity collection, this is one of the gifts you would always be successful with. Many gifts are aimed to make a specific audience happy. This is wrong in the case of mugs as they make everyone who receives it happy.

Coffee mugs are an integral part of kitchenware collection of almost all people. These are used almost daily by the majority of people. Mugs or cups are available in different variants ranging from different materials like plastic, ceramic mugs, metal, stainless steel and more of different sizes and capacities. The most common material that makes coffee mugs is none other than ceramic. Photo printed coffee mugs are made of ceramic. the colour is white by default and various shades are applied to the initial colour as per buyer preference. Safe mugs could be used with microwave heating for a brief duration. The photo that is printed on the mug is permanent which means that it won’t wear off during everyday usage. However, the surface would get scratched with general usage and has to be handled with care.