Outdoor Weddings – Planning It the Right Way

Weddings are always fun to plan. There is something so magical and beautiful in an outdoor wedding. It’s majestic and portrays fairy-tale vibes like no other. Having nature’s beauty added into the beauty of your wedding can be the best way to celebrate your big day.

However, having an outdoor wedding can come with a set of planning baggage that you need to ensure is checked off your list on time in order to have a hassle-free and tip-top day. From checking in on the lights, to the arrangements to even ensuring the guests settle down without any troubles, here are a bunch of things you need to make sure are present and perfect on your big day outside!

Your choice of location

The first and foremost task when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding is choosing the right location. While there are numerous factors that you need to keep in mind when selecting a venue your preference should also be on top of that list. Once you’ve finalized the venue, you’re good to go on with the detailed workings.

Set up tents

One of the most advised suggestion when it comes to outdoor weddings is to set up beautiful wedding tents that fit your theme. Most often people opt for white tents with beautiful chandeliers hanging from within. Having a tent protects you from any turn of events related to the weather, thus protecting you, your guests and so much more from unexpected natural causes such as rain, storm, etc.

Lightening with mood

We all know the power lightening can have when it comes to setting the right mood. Once the day dips into night, it’s important to have a well-lit outdoor space that creates ambience and beauty through the entire event. There are so many fun forms of lighting to go with and suite your theme in today’s world.

Signal the location

Having a pop of colour to signal the location of your event can be of great help and guidance to your guests. Most often people do these with the help of Umbul Umbul, Balinese flags. It signals that there is an ongoing even at the specific location as well. It is one of the most convenient and preferred methods amongst many.

Check on the menu

You can play with the menu till it reaches perfection thus providing your guests with a heartfelt cuisine for them to enjoy through the event. Often the menu is selected based on the theme and weather, which is two of the most important factors you should keep in mind.

Guest List vs. Seating

Make sure there’s a right seating quantity to fit your guest list in order to avoid last minute hassles due to lack of available arrangements. Always stick to the guest list when it comes seating arrangements so as to avoid numbering issues. Keeping a bit more extra free space would do better than harm.

Last but not the least, keep the music flowing!

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