Pro Tips for Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance

Like other things, your hot tub needs regular maintenance to guarantee that it is functional when you want to unwind in its warm, bubbling jets. In reality, you probably already have items at home that are ideal for keeping your hot tub in good condition.

Maintenance Tips for Spas

No matter the type of hot tub you own, maintenance is a must. Here are the top seven spa upkeep suggestions that will ensure your hot tub always functional and help you save money, time, and frustration.

You can use dedicated spa cleaning accessories or equipment in your own home. Just go online to learn more about types of spa accessories.

Tennis ball

Take a few of those furry, yellow balls, and fling them into the water or skimmers in your hot tub. These soft floating balls trap dirt and filth in their fibres, making your spa appear clean and sanitary. If you want to use your hot tub frequently, you should replace the tennis balls more frequently.

Panty hose

Regular hot tub water changes are part of the required maintenance. Covering the bottom return nozzles with pantyhose as you replace the water is a simple approach to help avoid returning grit and sediment into the filtration system. Maintaining a clean filter reduces strain on the system and aids in maintaining regulated water chemistry.

Simple Bleach Remedy

It is safe to assume that if you own a hot tub, you also own a hot tub cover. Maintaining this cover is also necessary to prevent the growth of mould or the development of musty, mildew smells. Use a basic cleaning solution on a regular basis to maintain your cover spotless. Simply fill a spray bottle with 9 parts water and 1 part bleach, then use it once a month or so to wash the bottom of your cover.


Although you might not be aware of it, enzymes can thrive in a variety of settings, especially your hot tub. The breakdown of fatty lipids and bodily oils yields enzymes. You will need to purchase a bottle of specialized enzyme solutions to start breaking down organic molecules in your spa from your neighbourhood hot tub specialist in order to solve this problem. Investing in an enzyme treatment will keep your spa clear of that awful scum layer and help maintain your hot tub and filtration cleaner.

Baking Soda

Although not all hot tubs feature tile, if yours has, you must keep the grout spotless to maintain the spa’s attractiveness. A simple method to keep things clean? the real deal baking soda. Use a sponge to spread the mixture to your tiles and grout after making a paste out of some baking soda and water. After 5 minutes, put on the hot tub, take an old toothbrush, and work your way around the grout lines.

Clear Vinegar

If your home uses hard water, calcium may build up in your jets and cause them to clog, harden, or stop functioning completely. Scrub your spa valves and jets with white vinegar to prevent accumulation in your jacuzzi. Since the acidity in the vinegar can trigger your pH to fall out of balance, remember to check and readjust your hot tub’s composition.