Reasons to Re-Grout Tiles

Tiles are a great option to moisture rich areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. You can have tiles on the walls, flooring as well as other surfaces such as counters. But with time, the grout holding the tiles together can deteriorate and you will need to re-grout them.

A common issue you will notice in your tile grout is the growth of mildew and mould

Grout is porous and with regular exposure to moisture, it will be more susceptible to the growth of mould and mildew. You can contact a professional to regrout shower Perth. The appearance of the tiled surface will go down when there is mould and mildew and there are some health concerns as well. For example, it can lead to allergies, respiratory problems and skin irritations. These health hazards can be avoided when you re-grout the tiles. You can use mould-resistant grout for this and the new layer will act as a protective barrier giving a good solution to reduce future growth of mould. This will contribute to the cleanliness of your tiled surface and safety.

With time

There will be a natural degradation of grout as a result of foot traffic, moisture and general wear and tear. If you notice eroded or crumbling grout in your kitchen or bathroom, it is time to re-grout. When grout deteriorates, the ability to hold the tiles in place will reduce causing the tiles to become loose. They will also sift position slightly which can affect the appearance of the tiles. You can restore the structural integrity of the tiled surface by re-grouting the.

Sometimes there can be stains on the grout as a result of dirt and grime accumulating in them and spills. Your tiled surface can look unattractive as a result. If there are tiles shifting or structural movement in the home, it can lead to cracks in the grout. You may also notice grout missing in certain places as a result of damage or moisture and this can lead to water infiltrating the wall or floor. This can lead to further issues such as water damage. It can also cause tiles to break. You can avoid these issues by re-grouting.

You can remove the grout that is cracked or stained so that fresh grout can be used instead

This will restore the original shine of the grout and appearance of the tiled surface. Sometimes this is sufficient to rejuvenate your space if it has been looking dull lately. You will not need to replace the tiles completely and instead re-grout to give a fresh appearance. Water damage can be prevented when you re-grout tiles and this will allow you to preserve the substrate which can be the wall or floor. When grout deteriorates, it allows dirt, water and debris to penetrate beneath the tiles and this can damage the substrate in ways you cannot repair it. With severe deterioration, you will need to replace the entire tiled surface. By re-grouting, you will be able to avoid costly repairs.