The Magic of Point of Use Water Heaters

When you turn on the hot water in your house, if you’ve got a conventional hot water heater installed,it’s likely that you have to wait a couple of seconds before the hot water actually begins flowing through the tap and/ or showerhead. These few seconds can feel pretty annoying especially if you live on a higher floor, and if the distance from the water heater is high.

If you’re sick of waiting for the hot water to come through you might want to consider a point of use water heater. From where can you obtain one of these magical devices you might be wondering? Well, simply check out hot water installation bendigo. They’ve got some killer options available with modern designs and a great team ready to help out.

Now back to water heaters. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. It is basically a small device that heats the water in question at the point at which is used. Meaning that it is a small heater that is installed in the bathroom, bathtub, sink, shower, washing machine etc. Of course, there are multiple ways to refer to this little machine such as ‘point of use water heater’ or ‘POU water heater’.

These little units are so small and modular that they can be installed into a home without needing to remodel the plumbing. These water heaters are often installed near sinks and bathtubs. These devices work very well for instances where a lot of water doesn’t need to be heated up and if you want the water to flow instantly. Because let’s be honest the wait can be pretty sickening. Of course, if you’re in the market for one do make sure that you investigate all the available options, consider than energy requirement, installation cost, initial cost etc. before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

These Point of use water heaters are a modern marvel of engineering and characterize our gradual evolution to a more comfortable world. No one likes to wait for the hot water to come through, especially if you’re standing in the shower shivering in the cold waiting for what seems like ages as the cold water comes out of the showerhead. The cold water that’s coming out is basically water that’s been sitting in the pipes between your water heater and your shower. To lessen the wait that you need to endure the closer to your shower the water heater needs to be.

You can get one with a small tank that stores a small amount of hot water or without one. However, regardless of the type of water heater that you get, you can rest assured that the wait for hot water will be decreased substantially and leave you warm and refreshed faster.

POU water heaters are also remarkably energy efficient and reduce your utility bill because there is less energy wastage in the pipes compared to a conventional water heating system, POU heaters are notably more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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