The Main Applications of Concrete

Concrete is a versatile and durable construction material used all over the world. It is used for some of the most distinctive concrete structures in the world and can be observed regularly throughout your neighbourhood. Whether you’re going to look to do something about a project or just want to know much more about substance, take a look at the 6 most popular concrete applications.

Patios and Driveways

Drive into any neighbourhood, and you’re likely to find a residence or two with a concrete patio or driveway. Concrete patios and driveways will boost the resale value of your house, and they are considered to last better than those constructed of asphalt. In relation, concrete can be dyed or marked to give your driveway a distinctive appearance that enhances the exterior of your home.

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Sidewalks provide a safe system between communities. Residents use them to workout, walk the kids to kindergarten, or even take a four-legged pal out for a stroll. Due to the toughness of the material, towns and cities opt for concrete sidewalks. Concrete is tougher than any other construction material, and these cities can rely on concrete pavements to last. And furthermore, they also know that these sidewalks involve less upkeep, and this can be good cost savings.


States and cities depend on transportation systems on concrete roads. Did you know that more than 60 percent of the U.S. Interstate Highway system was built with concrete and that all bridges were made of concrete too? That’s because this product is stronger, cleaner and better reflective at night. In fact, concrete can carry heavier weights, making it important in high-traffic areas.


There are also plenty of tangible advantages to the parking lot. It appears much better than asphalt and can also have better lighting, making the parking lot cleaner and lowering the cost of lighting. In addition, the use of concrete gives the parking lot an environmental advantage over its competitors.


Thanks to its advantages, concrete is used as a base for many houses. For example, concrete can never burn or rot, so you can always guarantee that the base of your home is solid and durable. Furthermore, having a concrete basement will provide protection during bad weather, tornadoes and hurricanes.

High Rise and Mid-Rise Buildings

Structures made of concrete are considered to be much stronger and more durable than those made of other materials. In reality, the NRMCA has recently introduced its Build with Strength campaign, which focuses on the advantages of constructing with concrete—especially in residential blocks. If you choose to create your home with a material that provides more protection and energy effectiveness, then concrete is the right option.

These are the some of the main uses of concrete in the world. There are also other types of concrete lime permeable concrete that is being used over traditional concrete for sidewalks and parking lots. However, the base product is still the same, only the formulation will change slightly.

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