Tips for Bird Proofing Your Solar Panels

Many homeowners have opted to use solar panels as this allows them to have a more energy efficient system. A majority of commercial buildings have adopted solar energy so that they are able to bring down operational costs. But there are certain things you can do to increase the efficiency of your solar panels and a critical factor is bird proofing them because they can nest in them and damage the panels.

If you have a large flat roof

It can attract a lot of birds to it and this can lead to more maintenance costs over the years when it comes to solar panels. One way you can keep the birds away from the panels is to use elevated bird netting Clyde. Search for UV stabilised netting so that it will not deteriorate quickly due to damage from UV radiation.

You can find elevated netting that comes with stainless steel cables and components so that they withstand wear and tear. Stainless steel is a material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. This is an ideal material for outdoor installation. This acts as a physical barrier preventing birds from landing on or around the panels or in the spaces underneath the panels.

There are also several bird deterrent systems you can look into

Some systems use reflective panels that will create an intimidating environment for the birds, discouraging them from landing. Some systems incorporate reflective panels that move with the wind and the light reflected from this will disorient the birds so they will not land on the solar panels. This is a good non-invasive method you can try to deter them. These are also environmentally friendly.

If you cannot have a physical barrier, you can use a liquid deterrent. This can be sprayed around the solar panels however, this will not cause harm to the environment or the birds. They work by targeting the smell and taste of birds so that they perceive the area of the solar panels to be unsafe. Make sure to read the active agents and the environmental impact when you select a spray.

Other than elevated netting

There are other physical barriers you can use to prevent birds from nesting or landing around the solar panels. Hedgehog spikes are one option. These come in different lengths and sizes so you can use them for a variety of spaces and gaps. This can be used to close cavities that are used by birds to enter. What it does is create an inhospitable environment for birds that are looking for nesting sites.

You can also install standard spikes to prevent birds from landing on window ledges and other outdoor objects. You can select stainless steel spikes for their durability but you will need to have a bonding agent to keep the spikes in place. If you want to create an exclusion zone, there are electrified bird deterrents where a harmless shock will be delivered to birds that land on or near it.