Why You Should Install Shutters in Your Windows

Home owners choose to install window shutter for varied reasons. it is installed for privacy and security and for controlling the amount of sunlight and other elements and to provide an aesthetic appeal for their home. The market value of some homes even increased with the window shutters scenes buyers often look for homes with window shutters. there are homes where shutters are also installed to cover doors.

Energy efficient

Shutters are energy efficient because they prevent the escape of warmth from the inside of your home during winter season. During summer they keep the warm rays of the sun out providing a colder relief. Studies have shown that windows are the reason for as much as 30% of a home’s energy loss.

But they are also the easiest to remedy. A home’s heating and cooling system could be conserved if the home owner focuses on conserving energy by installing shutters in their windows. Fortunately, shutters are not only preferred by most home makers for their functionality but also because of their design and style that is constantly improving.

Noise reduction

Shutters also prevent unwanted and unnecessary noise from the outside. You would not need to worry even if your neighbours are always partying or their dogs are always barking or their children are always horsing around.

Of course, the shutters would not totally block the noise coming from outside of your home but they could reduce it to up to 75%. But when you have commercial roller shutters installed on your windows you don’t need to worry about getting a good night’s sleep. You’d wake up feeling refreshed and well rested and you could go on about your day productively.


Homeowners who are a stickler for privacy prefer shutters because they are the window fittings that provide the utmost privacy. Light coming in from the outside could also be easily controlled since shutters could be opened all the way out and closed all the way in, making them the perfect window coverings in the living room and the bed room.

Automated or manual

If you prefer electrically operated windows, you could automate your window shutters. With a push of a button, you could open or close the shutters. This is especially recommended if your window is high in stature and it would be difficult for you to open and close them by yourself. But if your window is within your reach, you could also keep them manually operated.

Aesthetically pleasing

The reason why shutters are still popular even until this current time is because not only are they functional, they are also aesthetically pleasing. They are a classic window fixture that homeowner’s favour. They even boost the home’s value and are safe for children and pets compared to curtains or blinds that could be easily torn or pulled down by rowdy kids or curious pets.

Window shutters are also known for their durability and being low maintenance and easy to clean. They also provide better ventilation. With these numerous benefits, inquire with your trusty handyman about installation.

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