What Exactly Is A Mint Clean and What Does It Involve?

A mint clean is a type of deep cleaning that does not just cover surface cleaning but involves all the places you would normally skip in your cleaning routine. A Mint clean gets down and dirty to all the nooks and crannies of a house that are overlooked because you keep postponing due to the extra effort or because you cannot reach.

Rust, mould, cobwebs or stains that won’t leave no matter what you do are some of the things that a deep clean specializes in cleaning. Deep cleaning covers all the areas of the house but what exactly does that involve?


The bathroom is one room in the house that requires continuous cleaning no matter how many times you do; it sometimes is truly unreal how fast it can dirty. A dirty bathroom is frowned upon so a mint cleaning is best.

This involves sanitization of sinks, showers and toilet bowl are mandatory but it also covers scrubbing between tiles and removing of stains from counter tops and tiles. Dried soap in the shower and cubicle door cleaning are too included in a bathroom deep clean.


After a bathroom a kitchen and pantry are other places that constantly requires cleaning. It is the largest waste generator in a household. A mint clean in a kitchen involves removing stains on counter tops or on stainless steel.

Polishing wooden or cement surfaces and other fixtures. Servicing and cleaning the inside of ovens, microwaves and other appliances are too taken care of. Rust and food particles can accumulate inside frequently used appliances such as blenders and food processors.

All rooms

Ceiling fans and air conditioners installed in other rooms of the house are scrubbed or vacuumed to remove dust or cobwebs that tend to grow in places that aren’t easy to reach. High ceilings are particular a problem as access is limited.

Professional cleaning companies have access to appliances that can reach those heights and that also reach the small spaces that household vacuum cleaners are unable to. The scrubbing of floors regardless of the material, removal of wall stains and cleaning of light fixtures and other fittings are all included in a mint clean.

Carpets and upholstery

Curtain fabrics and carpets attract dust particles and cannot be removed unless vacuumed or washed. Large carpets are practically difficult to clean frequently and require professional care. A deep clean does not only involve the vacuuming but also takes care of dirt under carpets that are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus.

Since this contributes to respiratory related sickness a mint clean severy once in a while, is highly recommended. Shampooing and vacuuming of furniture such as couches are too included. This is helpful for stains that aren’t easily removable.

A mint or deep clean is highly recommended if you are ending a lease or live in areas that are highly prone to dust and dirt. Though it isn’t frequently required a mint clean is advised at least every few months.

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