Different Type of Building Inspections

There are different types of inspectors from building inspectors to property inspectors. An inspector is an individual who has the skills to investigate and inspect either buildings or properties. Inspection is always required to ensure that the developer or property owner adheres to the current standard regulation in the province.

Inspection also help developers to get back on track with the original plan because it is quite easy to derail when working on big projects. Apart from responsibilities mentioned above inspectors have several other tasks as well.

Since a building has several components and the there are various things to inspect it cannot be accomplished by one person alone. There are inspectors for all kinds of components while some there are inspectors merely to verify the workmanship of the builder’s too. Most inspectors issue certificates without which a business cannot start or continue construction.

When it comes to inspection after every stage on construction is completed there should be a verification check to ensure that all regulation is adhered to and that the job is going according to plan. Below are some of the most common types of inspections.

Building and Pest Inspections

This type of inspection is compulsory in order to move forward with your new building. However, building and pest inspection can be carried out on a pre-existing building too. If you are in the market to sell your old building, then you might need an evaluation from an inspector. The main tasks of the inspection will be to identify deterioration and to calculate the cost of repair or replacement.

For more information around building inspections do a quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of information.

Special Purpose Inspections

This type of inspection is another important inspection usually carried out during different stages of construction. As the name suggests, a special purpose inspection is required when the construction of a building is taking more time than initially planned.

Inspectors usually look into what is taking so long. Inspectors can focus on all the components of the building from the beams to the walls.

Coating Inspections

Coating inspections are done by coating inspectors. There specialize in analysing the paint on the walls and coating on different surfaces like pipelines, tanks, bridges etc.

Coating inspectors can be used at different stages of construction to do regular inspections of the painting and coating process. Even coating and painting has to meet a certain standard.

Electrical Inspection

After building and pest inspections this is probably the most important type of inspections. Electrical hazards can lead to serious damages so therefore an electrical inspector has to thoroughly examine the wiring in the building.

Inspectors check whether the building complies with the electrical standard and codes. Electrical inspectors can also examine the lighting, motors, security systems and HVACR systems.

Home Inspections

This type of inspection isn’t entirely different from building inspections. A home inspection is required by a prospective buyer before investing in a new home. The inspector will tell whether the home is in a good condition and whether the investment is worthwhile.

No matter the type of inspection, make sure to get a good and qualified inspector that you can trust. This will make your life easy and you do not have to worry about false certificates.

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