Process of Handling Repairs in a Strata Building

Strata buildings have common areas and facilities along with separate living areas for the residents. Many property owners hire strata managers for the day to day management of strata developments as there are a lot of tasks to be done. In this article, we are focusing on the maintenance aspect of a strata building.

When you are working with Sydney strata specialists, they will have their own process to carry out malignance and repairs. You need to ask about this process when selecting a strata management company. First of all, you will need to identify the repair needs of the building. And these needs can be brought to the attention of the strata manager. There can be many communication channels used to contact the strata manager whether it is through resident reports, scheduled maintenance assessments or regular assessments. The residents of the building play an important role in bringing many repair issues to the attention of the strata manager. The strata manager will have a system to collect the resident reports and document them. It is their responsibility to maintain a line of communication with the residents as well as the property owners. There will also be regular property inspections carried out by the strata manager to identify any maintenance or repair needs.  This will help them identify minor issues without having them become bigger problems causing more money and time to be spent on repairs.

The scope of the repair has to be determined once a repair is identified.

Some can be minor repairs that can be rectified quickly but there can be situations where the repair will need extensive work. The strata manager has a network of trusted contractors to rely on and they can contact them or a maintenance professional to visit the site and determine the nature of repair needed in this instance. The strata manager will coordinate with the contractors to carry out an easement of the repair needs. Once the scope and timeline for the repair is determined, this information will be conveyed by the strata manager to the residents and the property owners. When the repair is quite extensive, the strata manager will seek quotations from reputed contractors. The strata manager will explain the scope of work and collect proposals from multiple contractors. This process is facilitated by the strata manager and they will review the proposals and then present all the options to the owners or the strata council to be approved.

Major decisions

About repairs will be made collectively by the strata council. In some situations, the owners will take a vote on the issue. The strata manager will present the options with the costs to the strata council. And once the council reaches a decision, the outcome will be communicated to the residents through the strata manager. The strata manager will then coordinate the repair by scheduling a date and time for the work and coordinating access to the area where the repair will take place. They will also obtain all necessary permits to carry out the work.