Tips to decorate your home from scratch

If you are moving into a new home and thinking of starting afresh, you would need to decorate your home with various essentials like furniture, bedding, cushions, outdoor furniture, bathroom towels, artificial plants, garden plant stands and so on. Even garden décor, home décor and Homewares are essential, if you have a new home. You can easily get all of these delivered at your home by shopping from an ecommerce website or an online store in Australia. Some websites even offer free shipping, Australia-wide for their products. If yours is a new home, here are some useful home decorating tips.

Figure out the decorating style: If you can figure out the design and style that would go well with your home’s interior, you are halfway done decorating! A tip while decorating is to make use of the same style for the interior as the home’s exterior. If you have an architectural home, dark and rich word pieces coupled with clean lined furniture and earth tones would work well. You can easily find the furniture, bedding, cushions etc. online.

Plan the decoration room by room: The fastest way to get overwhelmed by an empty new home is by trying to decorate it all at once. Prioritise which rooms are most important to you and draft a decorating plan. May be you can start off with your bedroom, living room and then the laundry room. You can then arrange the kitchen and give preference to other rooms in the house as well. It is nowhere said that all the rooms in a house should be matching each other. Hence, you can design one room in a transitional theme and another room in a modern theme. If you decorate one room at a time, your house will have a unique personality. Make sure that you add a unifying element to all the rooms like a certain colour, an artificial plant or a décor item.

Begin with the biggest item in the room: Once you’ve drafted a decorating plan, you can take the same concept and focus on identifying the most important piece in the room. In case of the dining room, you can start with the dining table. For the living room, arrange the sofa first. So, start off with the biggest item in the room. Stylish dining tables, sofa sets and related furniture can definitely be purchased online from an e-commerce store.

Seek advice from experts: Various stores offer design service to their customers at a reasonable price. So you can seek help from a design professional or an expert to help you make the right choice. This advice would also help you in saving a lot of time as well as money. Seeking advice from experts has its own benefits!

Paint can be Your New Best Friend: Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform a blank canvas into a colourful attraction for your home. You can opt for a vibrant, bold or rich colour. Rather than opting for plain white, you can pick a neutral mocha shade or a light grey to create more impact.  You have an option of repainting if you don’t like the paint which was used earlier. You can even paint a section of the wall to gain more attention in a colour that might be bold. Once you do this, you have a focal wall. Use smaller accessories and decorate the room according to your taste.

Layer each room, over time: Decorating your new room is not child’s play. It is rather an investment. So ensure you spend a lot of time thinking over and over about how to go about decorating each room. You might have new ideas on how you would want your room to look like and function as time passes by. So, never rush into getting things done in a hurry and all at once! If the decoration exceeds your budget, you can always look for cheaper décor options that are offered by online stores – doing this would help you save some money. Remember, you’ll still have to address various factors like lighting, wall art, window treatments, textiles like throws and pillows, accent tables, storage, flooring and carpets and the painting part of it.

Home decorating from scratch is not a burden or herculean task if you enjoy it. It is an important task that would help give your home a unique personality of its own! To make the process simpler, opt to purchase the various products like furniture, bedding, cushions, outdoor furniture, bathroom towels, artificial plants, garden plant stands and so on, online, at the comfort of your home and get the products delivered on your doorsteps! Check out the various Ecommerce or online stores in your place of residence and take your pick from the various products in home décor, homewares and garden décor. Some home décor online stores in Australia also offer free shipping, Australia-wide. So make sure you avail their services!

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